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Premiere: How to Place a Box Office Order

Placing a box office order will allow you to create orders from the admin of your TicketSocket site.  Whether you would like to help a customer purchase their tickets via phone or just place a new order for a customer, the box office will help you do just that.

1. Login to the TicketSocket admin

2. Click "Orders" on the left hand menu

3. Click "Box Office" from the sub-menu underneath that

4. Select an event you want to place the order for

5. Adjust any the quantity selector with the "+" and "-" buttons next to each respective ticket type

6. Once you have your selection, scroll to the bottom of the ticket types and click the "Add Selections" button
The tickets will now be in your cart and you can edit the price of the order by clicking on the price field and typing in a new price. You can also select shipping option or change qty here. 
7. Click the "Continue" button on the cart once your selections have been made

8. Select an existing customer by typing in their email address.  Once you type in the email address, a menu will appear underneath the field for you to click.  If you click this suggestion, it will auto-populate fields with any information that exists for that customer already.  You can also create a new customer by adding their name and email. This is important since the email receipt will be sent to this address.
If you don't have time to enter customer email, you can use the box office option. This will skip the customer info step where it asks for name and email. This makes checkout faster if you don't need to send email receipt and just need to collect money. Keep in mind this option won't record any customer info. 

Click the "Continue" button.

9. On the checkout page fill in all of the necessary information and select either Cash or Credit on the top right of the Payment Info step (This is the last step of the checkout)

*Cash will not require you to enter in any card information, but will show as if it was paid in all of the reports.  Credit will require card information. Enter card number, expiration, and CSV number.
If you are using a USB swiper. Place your curser in the credit card number field then swipe the card. It will automatically populate, card number, expiration date, card holder name. You just need to fill in CVV number to process the card. 


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