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Premiere: Limit Ticket Quantity Selection

If you would like to limit the number of tickets customers can purchase at a time; such as for volunteering for events or private events. You can limit that quantity per ticket type.

1. Log in to the admin page with the URL extension /admin/plugs

2. Click on Events on the lefthand menu, select Events

3. Click on your desired event

4. Click on the Ticket Types tab

5. Click on the desired Ticket Type

6. Click the Advanced tab

7. Scroll down to "Limit Quantity on", from there you can select minimum and maximum quantities you want set for the ticket

***Please note that since you are logged in as the super admin that limit rule will not apply to you when you view the site. If you open in a private uncached window or another browser where you're not logged in. It will display properly. 


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