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Premiere: How to Set Orders or Tickets to 'Refunded'

To set orders to 'Refunded', please follow the steps below.

1. Login to the TicketSocket admin
2. Click Orders > Find Orders
3. Locate the customer whose order you'd like to set to refunded by searching for them within the system
This can be done via the search bar or through the Filter tab to help narrow down searching parameters
4. If you wish to set an entire order to refunded – click on the Actions/Wrench icon to the right of the Purchaser's name(the darker grey bar on the order) then select "Refund Order" from the drop-down menu
This will remove the customer from the export list, sales report, guest list, and render their E-ticket(if applicable) invalid. This does not issue the credit to the customer's card.
5. If you wish to partially refund an order – locate the customer order that you wish to partially refund and select their order by either clicking the order number, the purchaser name, or by selecting View/Edit via the corresponding order's Actions/Wrench drop-down menu.

  • Once the customer's order has been selected, click on the specific ticket(s) you wish to set to refunded – the tickets can be seen below each order's Billing Information tab.
  • Click on the Status drop-down.
  • Select Refunded from this drop-down menu
    Note: This will only partially refund a customer's order, their other tickets will still be usable and in the system

6. Save on the page.

*Please note that you will still need to issue the actual refund within your merchant account. Log into your merchant account. Search by name and you can use the refund action. It will take up to 5-10 business days after you processed the refund to show on the customer's card. 


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