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Premiere: WordPress Plugin Activation

You can use the TicketSocket Wordpress widget to display your events. This will allow you dynamically display your events form your TicketSocket site within your wordpress site. Once the customer has made their selection it will then redirect to the ticketsocket site to complete the secure transaction. To install this plugin:

1. Browse and upload the TicketSocket Wordpress plugin zip file (File attached)
2. Activate the plugin
3. Goto settings > Click TicketSocket
4. Enter your TicketSocket URL then click save. (Include Https://)
5. Create a new page in your Wordpress page account where you would like to display your event list. IE "events" or you can use an existing page
6. Enter that page slug into the root page field 
7. Timezone Adjustment allows you to display events in your time zone -7 = PST -4 = EST
8. Set TicketSocket Target to "Checkout"
9. To display your event list use this shortcode [events] on any Wordpress page


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