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Enterprise: Recurring Event Overrides

From the dashboard please choose the event you wish you apply inventory overrides to. 

Scroll down on the Event Details page and select Time Slots.

From the Time Slots page, select the Overrides tab.

On the Overrides page there is a calendar of your event's schedule. To begin setting an override, select a day on the calendar. Selecting a day will display the Override screen for that day. This screen shows all time slots that are assigned to the day and all time slots that are not assigned to that day.

One function of this page is to delete time slots from the day all together. This is done by hovering your mouse over the time slot you wish to remove and then selecting the trash can icon that appears on the top right. Remove any and all time slots from whatever days you see fit.

Another function of this page is to edit your time slots for a specific day. To do this, hover your mouse over the time slot you wish to edit and select the pencil icon that appears. This will expand the time slot and display the ticket tiers associated with that time slot as well as the capacity. From this expanded display you can add or remove ticket tiers as well as adjust the event's capacity. Once any changes have been made select Save Override

Finally, this screen can be used to add additional unused time slots. At the bottom of the Overrides page is a section for unassigned time slots. To add an unassigned time slot simply click the plus sign icon on the right side of the time slot. This will expand the time slot display and allow you to add ticket tiers and enter in a capacity for the additional time slot. 


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