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Enterprise: Adding Seat Reservations

>On your event details page, scroll down to Seat Reservations and select it.
>On this page you will be able to view all of your seat reservations
>To create a new seat reservation, click the purple plus sign - a modal will appear
>Enter the Reservation Code and Reservation Name (you may additionally toggle some optional conditions here)
>Once the name and code have been entered, select Save
>You'll arrive on a new page where you will select the seats for this reservation
>First you will need to select all applicable sections from the text field dropdown (you may type in this field to search the sections)
>Once you've entered all your section selections, review them, then select the purple plus to the right of the text field
>Upon adding, all selected sections will populate a list below the text field.
>To edit a section's seats, click Edit next to the section's header
>Change the toggle from All seats in this section are reserved to Only specific seats in this section are reserved
>Select a range of seats using the Row and Seat drop down selectors
>To add the seats to the reservation, click on the blue bar with a plus sign on it.
>Add as many seats as you'd like to your reservation this way
>Once the reservation has been made, give the Reservation Code to whomever it belongs to
>When said customer is on the event page, they can select the corresponding section and enter the Reservation Code into the text field at the top of the seat selector
>This unlocks the seats and allows the customer to purchase them


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