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Enterprise: Creating and Assigning Ticket Tiers to a Time Slot Schedule

Create a Ticket Type
> Select the event you need to add ticket tiers to
> Select Tickets
> Select Create a new ticket type
> Name the Ticket Type and add any subtitles/descriptions/inventory adjustments as needed
> Note: Inventory limits can be set elsewhere as well
> Select Save on the top right
> Your Ticket Type has been created and is Off-Sale and Unpublished

Create a Ticket Tier
> Next to your newly create Ticket Type, select add new pricing tier
> Name, price, and customize the ticket tier – then select Save
> Create all other Ticket Tiers that pertain to this Ticket Type
> Note: When your Ticket Type and Ticket Tiers are finalized, select the Actions bar on the Ticket Type. From this menu select Publish then select Set on sale. Your Ticket Tiers can now be added to a schedule.

Create a Schedule
> From the Event Details page, select Time Slots at the bottom
> If you don’t have a Time Slot, create one by naming it, selecting a start time, and entering the duration in minutes
> Once you have a Time Slot, or Time Slots, select the Schedule tab then New Pattern
> Name the Schedule (for internal use), select the time slots that the schedule will use, select the daily pattern, and assign the desired Ticket Tiers to the Schedule
> Note: It’s not a problem to have multiple, or even overlapping, schedules

Adjust or Add to a Schedule
> There are several ways to add to an event
> Small changes and spot changes can be done via Overrides
> To perform an Override, select a day from the calendar viewer within the Schedule tab
> This will show you the Time Slots that are assigned and the Time Slots that are not assigned
> Selecting the edit pencil on a Time Slot (when hovering) will allow you to add or subtract ticket tiers from that day
> Time Slots, on a day to day basis, can be taken off sale in this way
> The event Capacity can also be altered (Non-Seated only)
> Greater additions can be made via the addition of a new schedule
> Note: Use the Schedule name to help keep track of what changes are made (i.e. New Ticket Schedule, etc)


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