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Enterprise: Placing Seat Holds for Season/Package Event Tickets and Individual Event Tickets


Season/Package ticket holds must be completed prior to placing individual event ticket holds.


Follow the steps below to place holds in the box office of your TicketSocket dashboard.

Season/Package Holds

  1. Login to the dashboard
  2. Select Orders
  3. Select Box Office
  4. Select Quick Order
  5. Select the season event if placing holds for the first time. If no season/package tickets are offered select the individual event holds need to be placed in.
  6. Select section where seats are to be held
  7. Select available seats highlighted in Blue that needs to be held. (Purple seats indicate previously held seats, gray seats represent purchased seats.)
  8. Select the Purple Hold button
  9. The seat can be released by selecting the now purple seat and clicking the Purple Release button.

Individual Event Ticket Holds

After the season holds have been set or if you do not offer a season ticket follow the above steps to place holds for individual event seats.



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