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Enterprise: Seat Pricing Guide & Tutorial

Once your venue has been built out and your pricing tiers have been set it is time to assign that pricing you your venue. Follow these steps to get to the Seat Pricing interface:
> Select Edit Event above the event dashboard
> Scroll down to Seat Pricing and select it 

Selecting Seat Pricing will bring up the seat pricing interface - this is comprised of a left column and a right column. The left column is a list of the event's ticket tiers. The right column contains your venue's graphical files. 

To get started, select the first ticket tier you wish to assign pricing to. This will bring up a pricing panel - including a text field that can be used to add a section's seats to that ticket tier's pricing. Use the section search tool to add all desired section names to the text field and then select the purple to add pricing to those sections.

Question: What if I don't want to apply this pricing to all seats in those sections? The solution is simple - once the desired sections have been added they will populate the left column. Scroll down to the section(s) you wish to alter and select Edit. This will bring up the section interface. To partially apply pricing to the selected section select the toggle next to Only specific seats have this Assignment. This will reveal a Selections menu for that section, which will allow you to choose a row/seat range to apply the pricing to. Once you've applied select pricing to the section, repeat for other applicable sections within that pricing tier.

Question: I've accidentally assigned a section to a pricing tier, how can I remove it? Easy! Next to each section within the seat pricing interface the word Unassign appears in red. Select that option to remove a section from that pricing.

Please visit for a quick step by step tutorial!


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