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Enterprise: Creating Schedules for Asymmetrical Event Recurrences

When creating a schedule for events with times on specific days that differ from available times on other days you need to make multiple schedules to properly show those tickets as available and purchasable.

E.G. If Monday has event time slots of 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm and Tuesday has event time slots of 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. Inserting both Monday and Tuesday in the same schedule would show 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm as available event times for both days. This would be incorrect information given that all time slots aren't available on both days. I will be using this as an example in the process below referring to schedules Morning Events and Afternoon Events


Below are the steps to break those time slots up into different schedules so they can be properly displayed and purchased.

Please refer to the article "Enterprise: Creating a Schedule for a Recurring Ticketed Event" if you're unfamiliar with creating schedules, otherwise please follow the instructions below:

Create Time Slots with all available event times regardless of what day they occur on in your Times tab of your event's Schedule section.

As you can see in this image below, there are multiple time slots with different names tied to their specific ticket tiers.

Please note you cannot create a schedule without first making the ticket tiers that correlate to the time slots. Refer to Enterprise: Ticket Creation and Management if assistance is required.


Once you have all your event times input to your Times tab click on the Schedule tab located just to the left of your Times tab

You will see a page that looks similar to this:


You'll want to press + New Pattern in the center top portion of your page.

As you can see below I'm using the schedule Afternoon Events as a reference.

I've filled out the Date range, selected applicable Times, set my Pattern for days of the week this event will occur on, and selected which Tickets apply to specific time slots, then click Update Date Set.




Below I will be creating a Schedule named Morning Events. This is necessary due to Monday not using any time slots that will be on Tuesday, thus a new schedule must be made otherwise tickets would be available for purchase that aren't available on both days.





Below are additional examples of what it would look like if you wanted to create events with specific time slots Monday - Thursday and different time slots Friday - Saturday every week


Monday - Thursday Schedule




Friday - Saturday Schedule





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