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Enterprise: New Ticket Changes Feature

TicketSocket’s Enterprise platform now supports the ability for an Admin user to change open ticket orders for recurring events. This can be used to change tickets to new time slots, different seats, or a different date and time. The following describes how to utilize this new feature. 

To Change An Existing Ticket


Navigate to Orders. Select order you wish to change. 

Click Actions button and select Ticket Change. 


Select Event you wish to change. Note: This step will be skipped if this is the first time the ticket is being changed and all eligible tickets in an order are from one event. 


In Step 1, select the ticket(s) you wish to change. The dollar value at the right of each ticket indicates the per ticket paid price. Click “Continue”.


In Step 2, select the date and event you wish to change the tickets to from the calendar picker and by clicking the desired time slot (if applicable). Click “Continue”.


Note: If the tickets are for a seated event, the system will prompt you to select new seats via the seat selection tool as shown below. 


In Step 3, the tier of the current ticket(s) will be selected by default. 


Tiers can be changed by selecting from the pulldown menus on each ticket (if applicable). 


When tiers for new tickets are selected, click “Continue”


In Step 4, you will see the difference in price of tickets (if applicable)


If new tickets are the same price (including fees and taxes), the balance will be $0.00 as seen below.


If there is a price difference, the amount owed from or due back to the customer will display. To continue, the credit card used for the original purchase will be shown as the default payment option. 


The customer’s credit card can also be updated by clicking “Enter New Card” to show the following form for entering a new credit card. 


Note that you can return to the previous card by clicking “Use original card…” in top right of the module (as seen below). 


Additionally, admin users can elect to override any price difference by clicking the “Override refund” toggle button as shown below. If this is selected, the customer will not be charged or refunded the difference in new tickets. There will be no change in sales revenue. 


To complete the ticket change, click “Submit Change”. You will be returned to the order modal and see a record of previous tickets as well as the new tickets. The customer will receive an email updating them and providing the new tickets. 


Note on Cash Orders

For orders made with cash in the box office, changes can only be made to tickets of the same price or the refund must be overridden. A warning notification will be shown and changes to different prices will be unable to process. 


Note on Reports

The system will register the sale of changed tickets on the original date of purchase. Any change in price - whether extra money paid for a more expensive ticket or refunded for a less expensive ticket - will be reflected on the date of the ticket change. 



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