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Zebra TC-26 Scanner Best Practices

Lock screen rotation to stop the scanner from auto-rotating

We've learned that it can be frustrating to use a handheld scanner if the screen continues to change orientations while you're operating it! To combat this you will want to turn off auto-rotate within the quick access panel:

Opening the Quick Access Panel
To get to the Quick Access Panel:
• If the device is locked, swipe down once.
• If the device is unlocked, swipe down once with two fingers, or twice with one finger.
• If the Notification panel is open, swipe down from the Quick Settings bar

Note: Not all icons are pictured

The Auto-rotate icon (as pictured in the middle of the above screenshot) will lock the device’s orientation in portrait or landscape mode.


Use Datawedge to scan quickly

Datawedge allows the device to automatically press ENTER between each scan. Using this set up will mean that you won't need to select the KEEP SCANNING option after each scan! To set this up:

  • On your device, launch the DataWedge

  • From DataWedge Profiles, select Profile0. (In this example, Profile0 is the default profile). 

  • Scroll down to enable the Keystroke Output option. 

  • Select Basic data formatting

  • Flag the checkbox to select Send ENTER key

Create a URL shortcut to the scanning application

Shortcuts on a mobile device are small files that launch an application with a set of specific settings contained in the shortcut file. Depending on the app, some shortcuts can even invoke some of the app's functions, such as the phone dialer or sound recorder. On Enterprise Browser, each shortcut can contain a separate start page for the app and also can link to a custom config.xml file with as many runtime settings as required. On devices running Android, EB shortcuts also can have separate icons.

Shortcut Utility

Shortcut Utility is a Windows tool that quickly creates shortcuts for Enterprise Browser apps for Android and Windows Mobile/CE and can deploy them directly to devices. From a single screen, the tool can create and deploy multiple shortcuts, each with a unique name, startpage URL and Config.xml file, if desired. Shortcuts for different platforms can be created at one time and easily deployed en masse to their respective platforms using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

Shortcut Utility is included with Zebra Enterprise Browser 1.3.

IMPORTANT: This tool relies on settings in the Config.xml, a device-resident file that controls all runtime settings for Enterprise Browser. For help editing Config.xml files, please refer to the Config Editor utility guide and the Config.xml Reference.


  1. Use these instructions only after installing Enterprise Browser (version 1.3 is required).
  2. Open Shortcut Utility and select a platform (Android or Windows Mobile/CE).
  3. Select Default or Custom Config.xml (if Custom, navigate to the file).
  4. Enter a name for the shortcut.
  5. Specify a start page (fully qualified path or URL).
  6. Select an icon for your shortcut (Android only).
  7. Click Add to List to store settings and create another, if desired.
  8. Click Save Shortcut to save all shortcut settings for later retrieval.
  9. Click Push to Device to deploy (via ADB or ActiveSync).
  10. Launch Enterprise Browser to create shortcut(s) on device.*

* Shortcut creation behavior is determined by the <shortcut> tag in the Config.xml file on the target device. This tag must be configured prior to shortcut deployment.


  • Windows development host
  • Zebra Enterprise Browser 1.3
  • USB driver for targeting Zebra devices
  • Android Debug Bridge (if targeting Android devices)
  • Microsoft ActiveSync (if targeting Windows Mobile/CE devices)

EB Shortcut Utility is included with Zebra Enterprise Browser 1.3. If you don't already have EB 1.3, please install Enterprise Browser, then resume from here.

NOTE: Create Shortcuts for our web-based scanning applications

Premiere Scanning Application:
Enterprise Scanning application:

For additional help creating shortcuts, please view the Zebra guide here:





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