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Premiere: Duplicating Events

If an event creator is looking to host many events – that are similar to each other and sequential – then Premiere's event duplication tool can prove to be a vital time-saver. This is especially true if an event recurs and is more-or-less identical to the events that precede it.

To get started a user will want to do the following:
1. Find and select the event that will be duplicated
2. Comb over the event's settings, ticket types, fees, etc. and make sure that all the details are correct with regards to that original event.
3. Once the event has been curated save on the page and return to the Events page
4. Find the event and click on the action wrench to the right
5. Select duplicate as many times as is needed
6. Important: Select the new event(s) and edit the start date/end date/and sales cut-off time
7. Important: If there is a change of venue between events change these settings immediately

Note: It's worth considering any receipt text that needs to be changed – i.e. perhaps customer parking requires payment at event 4 or is a bit confusing at events 2 and 3 – they may need additional information via their receipt text which may not get duplicated. Additionally assess each event's fees.

It short, before duplicating an event a user will want to curate all of the settings. Once duplicated the user will want to fine-comb the dates, receipt text, and fees so that each detail is up to the user's expectations.


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