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Premiere: How to Create Stored Value Codes

Stored Value Codes work like a digital gift card. For example, if the value of the code is $50, and a customer uses it for a total of $25, there would still be $25 left on that code.


  1. Login to your TicketSocket admin.
  2. Click on Promo Codes.
  3. Click on Stored Value Codes.
  4. Click on Create New Stored Value Code.5c4b6ff1-51af-4b22-92d6-ee7a046d054c
  5. Enter the Code’s name.
  6. Enter the Total Value.
    • Total value is the currency amount the code is worth. For example, if you were to put 50 in there, the amount would be $50.5751f76f-4001-434c-a58c-0fdcf8b9ef6d
  7. Enter the Code Group. 
    • This is to group all codes for tracking purposes.  For example, if you are importing a Groupon code, you could put "Groupon" for the Group.
  8. Enter the Code Description.
    • This will show to the customer when the promo code is applied at the checkout.
  9. Enter in a Publish On Date and Time.
    • The codes will start being active at whatever date and time is entered here.
  10.  Enter in an Active To Date and Time.
    • If the date entered here has passed, the codes will no longer be active.18424fd7-3fe1-420f-a417-91e225c1e50d
  11. Add Event and/or Ticket Type Tag(s) if necessary.
    • Codes matching either a tag for the event or a specific event limit will allow the code to work, and codes matching either a ticket type tag or a specific ticket type limit will allow the code to work.
    • If a code has both an event and a ticket type limit set, one match for both the event and the type must be found, either tag or specific.
  12. Click the Save button.


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