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Premiere: Creating Invite Only Emails

Note: This function is used to send invites to events/tickets that are labelled Invite Only to see how to create those Click Here.

When creating emails to Invite Only options we have two ways to do so: Individual or Bulk. We will look at both options in this article so you can better communicate with your customers.


To create an invite message for an individual invite:

  1. Navigate to the Manage>Invite Only>View Invites settings page.
  2. Click on Add New Invite.
  3. Set whether you wish to send an email at creation or not via the toggle selector.
  4. Assign the Invite to a group of invites.
  5. Fill out the Customer's information as well as the event/ticket this invite will be utilized.
  6. Select an Email Template from the dropdown (Click Here to read more on that).
  7. If you wish you can assign a Promo Code to be sent with this email, allowing the customer to get a discount on their purchase. 

Bulk Import

To import invites in bulk you will instead:

  1. Navigate to the Manage>Invite Only>Import Invites page.
  2. Download the provided csv template.
  3. Fill in the template with the specific information for your invites, including Email, Name, Event information and Promo Code.
  4. Select the File to upload into the import tool.
  5. Set whether you want an email sent to all invitees using the Notification Settings toggle.
  6. If you did not fill in the event information you can use the follow Default Values section to fill in the information across the entire import, otherwise disregard this page.
  7. On the next page it will show you the columns it sees during the import, make sure these columns line up with the data fields available.
  8. Import the file and then you can see the information populate in the View Invites page.


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