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Premiere: How to Bulk Resend Receipts for an Entire Event

To resend receipts in bulk, you can use your TicketSocket admin page and navigate to People > Connect Messenger.

Once you navigate here, you'll see options for Email, Resend E-mail Receipts and Ticket Claims, Text and Jobs.  Click the "Resend E-mail Receipts and Ticket Claims" option and see the steps below!

1. Select Purchaser Receipts for the Email Target Group

2. Select the event(s) and or ticket type(s) you'd like to send receipts for (only an event is required, ticket type is optional)
Once an event and/or ticket type is selected, you'll see that the number of recipients will change depending on your selections.

3. Enter in an Email Subject and Message Body text

4. Click the Submit button

Please note that we are still in the process of making some changes and updates, so a "confirmation" message will not be shown.  The emails will be sent, however, once the submit button is clicked.



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