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Premiere: Create External "Add-To-Cart" Hyperlinks

By swapping out the bolded variables below you can create links on external sites that will automatically add cart items on your ticketing site and send a user to the checkout. The bolded variables need to be updated:[TYPEID][eventId]=EVENTID&cartTasks[TYPEID][typeId]=TYPEID&cartTasks[TYPEID][quantity]=QUANTITY&goToCheckout=1


Important Variables

Your ticketing URL: This is your full ticketing URL 

TYPEID: Your ticket type ID  can be found to the left of the ticket type name within the event level ticket types list

EVENTID: Your event ID can be found in the URL when you are editing an event. for example, when editing an event your URL may be where 35 is the event ID

QUANTITY: This is the number of tickets to be added to the cart


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