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Premiere: Generate Guest List

The Guest List will allow you generate a printable version of all the attendees for the event.  This can also be exported as a .csv file to email out to recipients. 

1. Log in to the admin page of your site

2. Click Reports on the left hand menu

3. Click the Attendees sub menu option

4. Click the Guest List option underneath this

5. Search for the desired event if needed, and click the event you wish to view the Guest List for

6. On the top right-hand side, you will see the Print and Export buttons

7. Clicking the Print button will open a new tab with a print prompt
To save as a .pdf file, select this as the option for Destination on the print prompt

8. Clicking the Export button will open a prompt to save the .csv file

*You can filter the guest list by ticket type to narrow down your results. Click the Hide/Show Filters link on the top right to view and access the filters. Hold control to select more than one ticket type to filter. Then click filter. 


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