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Premiere: Customize Export Profile

You can export any data that is collected on your TicketSocket site. Here's instructions on how to customize your export. 

1. Click On Export Templates
2. Edit or Add New Template
3. Click Add new row to add a data field

Data Types: 
Basic Info - All General info automatically asked by the site on check out. IE Name, address, email etc. 

*If you are are using our registration platform which asks participant information for registration/ticket purchased. You will need to search for the "Participant" First Name, Email Address, Etc. in the Data Field column.

Event Question - Custom questions created by you and assigned as a purchaser question. These questions are asked once per order. 

Type Question - Custom questions created by you and assigned as a Attendee question. These questions are asked for every ticket in your cart. 

Data Field: The information you are looking to export

Column Name: Label for the column generated in the CSV export

You can rearrange the columns by dragging the rows to the desired position. That data will be appear in chronological order with the the top item will be the first column in the export. 

Once you have added all your desired fields and labeled the column names. Click Save and you can export the data by following these instructions. Click Here to view article on how to export data.  


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