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Premiere: Customize Export Profile

You can export any data that is collected on your TicketSocket site. Here's instructions on how to customize your export. 

  1. Click “Export Templates”
  2. Click “Export Templates”
  3. Edit/duplicate an existing exports or click “Add New”Screen Shot 2024-06-04 at 1.10.41 PM.png
  4. Name the Export Template.
    1. Ex. Participant Export
  5. Then add the data you want to collect.
    1. Depending on the data type chosen, determines the data field options.
  6. Data Type is the information wanted to collect.
    1. Ex. Basic Info
  7. Data Field is the specific type of data wanted under the data type.
    1. Ex. If Data Type is Basic Info, you may select the Attendee First Name.
  8. Column Name will be the column the information is under within the CVS file exported.
    1. Ex. If Data Type is Basic Info, Data Field is Attendee First Name, then you would just put “First Name” as the column.Screen Shot 2024-06-04 at 1.16.54 PM.png
  9. Click Save


Making export templates is very beneficial for gathering specific data needed. With this tool, you may create your own templates, which will be used in the "Download Data" section right underneath "Export Templates." Follow this link to understand how downloading data works: Click Here


You can rearrange the columns by dragging the rows to the desired position. That data will be appear in chronological order with the the top item will be the first column in the export. 


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