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Premiere: How to Transfer Tickets/Registrations

To transfer a ticket or registration to a different customer or change the event/ticket, please follow the steps below. Note: This will technically create a new order in the system so be aware if you are leveraging our API or otherwise expect order numbers to always stay the same:
1. Click Orders > Find Orders from the TicketSocket admin.
2. Using the filters or the search bar, find the order you are looking for.
3. Click on the Order Number or Ticket Number you wish to transfer – or you may select Edit from the Actions Menu located to the right of either the order or ticket you wish to transfer.


4. You're now viewing an order. If you opted to edit the order instead of selecting a specific ticket you will need to select a ticket from the tabs on the left side of the order viewer. Select which ticket you would like to transfer. Tickets can be transferred one at a time.

You may now transfer the ticket you have selected via one of two methods. Method A is generally encouraged for most set ups.

Method A

5. With a ticket selected inside the order viewer a small padlock can be seen. Click on this and "unlock" it. Unlocking it will allow you to transfer.


6. The Event and Seat/Type associated with the ticket can be changed via dropdown menus once unlocked.
7. Once you are satisfied with your changes simply save using the save button on the top right. This transfer will be finalized and the ticket will re-lock.
8. Continue transferring as needed. If more tickets from the same order need to be transferred simply select them from the left in the order viewer. If a new order needs to be transferred return to Find Orders and search for the order/tickets that require transfer.


Method B

5. With a ticket selected inside the order viewer click on the Transfer button on the top right-hand side of the page.
6. Select an event.
7. Fill in the information or change anything needed.
8. Click the 'Save' button.


Method C

5. With the order you wish the transfer selected, set it's status to "Refunded" – check out our ticket status article for reference
6. Place a new order in Ticketsocket's web box office with the new tickets and send them to the customer's email address. For more information on web box office transactions, please reference this article. 

Notes and FAQ

Are customers charged/refunded if a transfer is done to a ticket of a different price?
No. Transfers will not automatically charge or refund any difference in prices.

If I transfer a customer's ticket what happens to the old inventory?
A transfer will release the previously held ticket back into the inventory and render the old ticket invalid. 

Okay, I've transferred a customer's tickets, how do I notify them?
Once a customer's order has been transferred to your liking it's a good practice to re-send their receipts.

What is the purpose of transfer method C?
Setting an order to "Refunded" and simply creating a new box office order can be very helpful for orders that are very large. Instead of transferring 30 tickets one-by-one you can nullify the order and bulk purchase the new tickets before sending them off to the customer.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Usually transfers are done to whole orders. You must process transfers for each ticket in the order if the order has more than 1 ticket, then resend the receipt after the final ticket has been transferred. This way the customer will be resent a receipt with the new tickets in their order. 


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