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Premiere: How to Create a Question

Creating a question will allow you to attach the created question to a ticket type.  When this ticket type is purchased by a customer, they will be prompted with this question on the checkout page and in the form of a required question or a non-required question.

1. Login to the TicketSocket admin
2. Click on Questions
3. Click Add New on the menu (A new question can also be added by clicking Add New on the question manager page)
4. Select a Question Type
5. Enter in a Question Name (This will show when you are looking through questions on the admin)
6. Enter a Question (This will be what shows on the checkout for customers)
7. The toggle for Required will determine whether a customer can checkout without answering the question.  If Required is turned ON, the customer will need to answer this question before finishing their checkout
8. Depending on what Question Type you selected, there will be different Options available.

  • If Multiple Choice was selected, you will have access to the Enable Quantity and Enable Price options.  
    With Enable Quantity turned ON, you will be able to enter a quantity for each of the multiple choice answers.  
    With Enable Price turned ON, you will be able to enter in a price that will be charged to the customer for each of the multiple choice answers.
    Click the "Add Option +" button to add on fields for items in the multiple choice question, you could add this for options such as small/medium/large shirt sizes or varying donation amounts for a charity as an add-on.
  • If Text was selected, the customer will be given a simple text box with which to answer this question.
  • If Checkbox was selected, the customer will be given a checkbox to either click and check the box, or leave the box unchecked.

9. Turn on More Info Text if you wish to display text that will describe the question.

  • If turned ON, you will be given the option to turn on Expand More Info Text by Default.  Turning this on will always show the expanded text that is entered into the More Info Name field.  Turning this off will show like in this screenshot.  When the More Info text is clicked, it will open a modal displaying the text or images you have entered into the More Info Name field

10. Click Save

To attach this question to a ticket type, please see this article: How to Add a Question to a Ticket Type or Registration

*Please download the attached .pdf file below for a more in-depth guide on promo code creation!


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