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Premiere: How to Add a Question to a Ticket Type or Registration

1. Login to the TicketSocket admin
2. Click on Events
3. Select an Event
4. Click on Questions
5. Select a Ticket Type from the dropdown menu
6. Click Add Existing Question or Add New Question

  • If Add Existing Question was clicked, you will be able to check the box for any questions you want to add to the ticket type and click the Add Selected button to add these questions
  • If Add New Question was selected, you will be able to add a brand new question.  The process for this is the same as our article on How to Create a Question

7. Click the Save button

***There are two types of questions you can ask. Attendee and purchaser. It's default to attendee. You can set that by the toggle on the top right of screen.

Attendee Question -
Asks question for every ticket/registration in your cart

Purchaser Question -
Ask the purchaser the question once no matter how many are in your cart

Conditional Questions:

Once you've added a multiple choice question either on Attendees tab or Purchaser tab on the "Information Collected" page of an event, you can set questions as "Conditional" questions. This lets you ask a conditional question based on the answer the customer selected for the parent question. For instance, if you would like to ask "Where did you hear about us?" and if the customer selects "Other", a text question will appear where the customer can type in their answer.

*Please note you can only set conditional questions for a multiple choice question.

1. Login to the TicketSocket admin
2. Click on Events in the Dashboard
3. Select your desired Event
4. Click on the "Information Collected" tab
5. Select the Ticket Type on the Attendees tab you would like to add these questions onto. (If you have the Purchaser tab selected, you will just need to add the question without selecting a ticket type)
6. Click the "Add Existing Question" button
7. Select the multiple choice questions you would like to have conditional questions added underneath
8. Click Add Existing Question and select the question you would like to set as the conditional question
9. Drag the conditional question to the right underneath the multiple choice question until the conditional question becomes indented to the right
10. Click the "Action" menu on the Conditional Question and select "Set Conditionals"
11. Select the answers from the parent question that you would like to show the conditional question for when those answers are selected.  Any question answers from your multiple choice question that are selected here will show the conditional question when selected on the checkout.
9. Click the save button


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