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Premiere: Add flyer Image to event listing and event page

You can add a flyer image to each event page and event listing page. Here's instruction on how to upload each one. Be sure that your file is websized (less than 500kb) also be sure to remove any special characters from the file name. The uploader supports jpg, jpeg, and png files.


 Add Flyer to Event 

1. Click Events
2. Select Event
3. Click Appearance
4. Click the select image button

  • Event Details Image - This image appears on the event page as a click to enlarge image above the map. Usually used for event flyers.
  • Event List Image - This image appears on your main ticketsocket page which lists all of your events. The default image in that area is a date icon. You can replace that with an image of your choice. 

5. Select file from your computer
6. Click Open
7. Click Save



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