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Premiere: How to Create a Shipping Method

This article will go over the general creation of a shipping method for events.

1. Go to Settings > Shipping and click on the "Add New +" button to create a new shipping method

2. In the Shipping Class Name Field, you can enter, for example: "E-Ticket", "Will Call" or "Packet Pickup"

3. In the description field, you can enter in a brief explanation of the of the Shipping Method if needed

4. In the Charge Type field, you can select whether the shipping is charged "per order" or "per ticket"

5. In the Price field, enter in an amount, if any to charge for the shipping method

6. The 2+ price allows you to set a price for the shipping method when 2 or more of them are being purchased.  
For example, if you have a $1.00 shipping price, and a $0.50 2+ shipping price and two items with this shipping method attached are added into the cart, it will charge $0.50 for both of those items, as opposed to $1.00 per item

*You must add a 2+ price anytime you charge shipping per ticket

7. You then have the option to check on "Has E-Tickets", which gives the customers the options of sending them an e-ticket upon checkout if that option is selected.  If used on checkout, the receipt will also give the option to "Print E-Tickets", which will open a page with the PDF file of the e-ticket(s)  

8. The last field, the "Requires Shipping Information" will add a shipping information field on checkout if that shipping method is selected by the customer

9. Click the Save Changes button.


To see how to add a shipping method or multiple shipping methods to an event click here.


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