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Premiere: How to Create Promo Codes

Promo Codes are discount codes that will take an amount off the cart total if used by the customer. This amount can either be flat, a percentage, or a specific amount.


  1. Login to the admin section of the site
  2. Click on Promo Codes, then Promo Codes again
  3. Click Add New
  4. Enter an Affiliate Name, or leave this field blank
    • Selecting an Affiliate will tie those codes with an affiliate, providing credit to the affiliate for each sale made with any of the imported codes.
  5. Enter Code Name
  6. Enter a Group
    • This is to group all codes for tracking purposes.  For example, if you are importing a Groupon code, you could put "Groupon" for the Group.
  7. Enter in a Code Description
    • This will show to the customer when the promo code is applied at the checkout.
  8.  Enter in a Publish On Date and Time
    • The codes will start being active at whatever date and time is entered here.
  9. Enter in an Active To Date and Time
    • If the date entered here has passed, the codes will no longer be active.
  10.  Select a discount type for these codes
    • Flat is a dollar amount off of the total amount.
    • Percentage is a percentage off of the total amount.
    • Specific Amount puts the cart total to that amount. For example, if the promo code was a specific amount of $10 and the cart total was $35, it would put the cart total at $10.
  11.  Enter the discount amount
  12.  Enter in Per Order Uses and Total Uses
    • Per Order: Enter 0 for unlimited or enter a number to limit the number of tickets per order these codes can be used for.
    • Total Uses: Enter 0 for unlimited or enter a number to limit the number of total uses for these codes.
  13.  Enter a Minimum Quantity or leave this field blank
    • To make these codes only work on a minimum quantity of tickets, enter a minimum number.  Leave it blank to keep the minimum as 1 ticket.
  14. Select any Event or Ticket Type Tags, if necessary
    • Promo codes matching either a tag for the event or a specific event limit will allow the code to work, and promo codes matching either a ticket type tag or a specific ticket type limit will allow the code to work.
  15. Select any Event Limits, if necessary
    • This will limit the code to work only on the selected events.
    • If an Event Limit has been selected, you can select a Ticket Type Limit from any selected Events. This will limit the codes to work only on the selected ticket types.
    • It will also allow for limiting to a specific wave time. For example, if there are time slots, in which only a certain amount of people enter at that time, the code can only be used for the specific time slot for that event.
  16. Click the Save button

*Please download the attached .pdf file below for a more in-depth guide on promo code creation!


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