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Premiere: How to Add Access Packages to Scan for Multiple Events

Adding Access Packages will allow you to scan a ticket type for multiple events

1. Download the Access Package plug zip file attached to this article to your desired location on your computer

2. Login to the admin section of your TicketSocket site

3. Add "/installer" to the end of your URL after the /admin/plugs and hit enter
For example, it should be "/admin/plugs/installer" at the end of your URL

4. Upload and Install the Access Packages zip file and refresh the page

5. Click on the Events menu item

6. Click the Access Packages sub-menu item

7. Click Create New Access Package

8. Click the Add Access button to add an event and enter a number next to the event limit drop-down menu
This number entered will be the amount of times the ticket type will scan for the selected event

9. Click the Save button

10. Go to Events and select the event you would like to add access packages to

11. Click the Ticket Types menu item

12. Click on the ticket type name, or click Edit to the right of the ticket type listing

13. Go to the "Advanced" tab of the ticket type

14. Click on the drop-down menu for the Access Packages and chose the Access Package for the desired event(s)

15. Click "Save"


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