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Premiere: How to Add a Shipping Method

This article will guide through adding shipping methods to your event

1. Go to Events > Click on the desired event name you'd like to add the shipping method to

2. Scroll to the bottom of the "General" tab for the event and click on the drop down menu under "Shipping Options" and choose the shipping method you would like to use then click "Add Selected"

3. Multiple shipping methods can be used for an event, once you've selected the method just click "Add Selected" and it will appear with the other method(s)

5. Once you have your shipping method(s) selected you are shown its' details

6. From the details of the shipping method you can add how many days before the event to cut off selection for this shipping method on the checkout and

7. From the action menu (shown below), you can select which ticket types to apply the shipping method to and also remove the shipping method

*Important You must apply the shipping the desired Ticket types by clicking "apply to" then selecting the ticket types

7. Once finished adding the shipping method(s), click the save changes button


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