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Premiere: How to set Merge Tags in your Mail Chimp List

This will allow you to pull the First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Event Name, Ticket Type Name, Purchaser Zip Code and Gender directly to your Mail Chimp List form the TicketSocket system.

1. Login to your Mail Chimp account

2. Click "Lists" on the top menu

3. Select the List you'd like to add Merge Tags to

4. Click "Settings" on the top menu

5. Select "List fields and *|MERGE|* tag" from the sub-menu

6. Click "Add A Field" at the bottom of the page

7. Select "Text" for the field type

8. Enter in any of the following Merge Tags on the fields to the right of the page under the "Put this tag in your content" column:
ZIPCODE - This will pull the Zip Code from the purchaser
EVENTNAME - This will pull the Event Name for the tickets/order
TICKETTYPE - This will pull the Ticket Type Name for the tickets
GENDER - This will pull the Gender for the Attendee

9. Enter in a "Field Label" for each of the Merge Tags you have added.  Generally, you should name these in correspondence with the Merge Tag you've entered.  For example, you would want to put "Event Name" for the Field Label for the "EVENTNAME" Merge Tag.

10. Click "Save Changes"


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