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Premiere: How to Set Up Wave Times

Wave Times will allow you to set multiple days/times to a ticket type for selection.  The wave times have quantities much like ticket types, and these can be set separate from the ticket type quantity.  Once set, the Wave Time selection will show on the checkout allowing customers to choose from the available wave times you've set up.

1. Login to the admin of your site

2. Click Events on the left menu

3. Click on the event you'd like to set Wave Times for

4. Click on the "Wave Times" tab of the edit event page

5. Click the "Add New" button and a modal will pop up

6. You will be able to enter the following:

  • Description - Entering this will override the Date/Time format that will usually show in the dropdown on the checkout.  For example, you can enter in "Wave 1" as opposed to it showing the date/time you have entered for the wave time

  • Start Date/Time - This is the date/time that the wave will start and is also what will show in the dropdown on the checkout if no 'Description' is entered

  • Max Soft QTY - This is the amount available for this wave time if the customer is not joining a team

  • Max Hard QTY - This is the amount available if the customer is joining a team that already exists

  • Available For - In this field, you can select any ticket types that are currently added to the event.  Select a ticket type in this field will add the wave time to the wave time selection dropdown for the ticket type(s) added

  • Wave Time Description - Any text entered here will show below the wave time selection dropdown on the checkout when that wave time is selected

7. Click the Save Changes button

You can add Wave Time Names Here.


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