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Premiere: User Access Levels

There are various user access levels available on the backend site for clients to manage their events. Any of these access levels, with the exception of the Super Administrator can be limited to specific events, selected upon user creation.

Super Administrator - Super Administrators have full access to the backend site. They can create events, create promo codes, check customer orders, export templates and so on

Event Manager - Event Managers are capable of viewing orders from customers, see what events Attendees have checked in to, see customer information such as first/last name and email and can also check Reports for various categories such as Sales, Social, Questions and Attendees

Cashier - Cashiers can process orders through the Box Office for customers and check their orders through the Order Manager

Event Checkin - Event Checkin is capable of going through Attendee check ins and guest list reports

Affiliate - Affiliates are capable of checking the orders and sales reports for events

Sales Report - Sales Report level can check the sales of events by Time Slot, Ticket, Promo Code, Event and Affiliate.

Promoter Administrator - Promoter Adminstrator's have access to the Promo Code Manager, Affiliate Manager, Guest List Report, Attendee Checkin and the Sales by Affiliate Report.


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