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Premiere: How to Turn Off Participant Information Per Ticket Type

For some ticket types it may not be necessary to require participant information. If it is for a party or film screening event that may not need to gather such information. Here's how to turn off that information for ticket types in events.

1. Log in to the admin page with the extension /admin/plugs

2. Click on Events on the left hand menu

3. Click on Events

4. Choose the desired event you would like to edit

5. Click on "Ticket Types" in the event's menu

6. Click on the desired ticket type by either clicking on the name or the "Edit" button

7. Click on "Advance" in the ticket type options

8. Turn On "Skip Participant Questions"

9. Click the Save Button 

Doing this will only turn off the option of asking for participant information for that particular ticket type.

To find out how to turn on Participant Information globally click here.


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