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Premiere: How to View Social Conversions

Social Conversion is used to track how many people customers have had purchase tickets through their socially shared links via Facebook or Email. This is viewed through conversions that customer's generate when inviting their friends and family to purchase a ticket or register for an event. The conversions track unique individual purchases, so no customer is counted more than once.

1. Log in to the admin page with the extension /admin/plugs

2. Click on Reports on the lefthand menu

3. Click on Social 

4. Click on Social Influence

5. Set the date range, typically you'll want to set to before the event(s) until after the event(s)

6. Set the Minimum Conversion to 5, for example

7. Leave the Invitation Type blank so it includes both Facebook and Email

8. Click Generate

9. Filter Report to display the results on the page

10. Export CSV to download a .csv file to view in a spreadsheet program like Excel

11. Print to print out the conversions


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