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Premiere: How to Import Barcodes

Importing barcodes to a ticket type will take all of the barcodes in the uploaded file and use those for any tickets purchased after the import in order of how they were on the uploaded file.

1. Login to the admin page of your TicketSocket site

2. In the address bar, add /admin/plugs/barcodeImporter to the end of your site URL

3. On this page, select the file you would like to upload
Note: the file must be a .csv (Comma delimited) file with only 1 column for the barcodes, with no column headers

4. Select the event you'd like to upload these for

5. Select the ticket type in that event to upload the codes to

6. Click the Upload button

7. Review the selections you have made and click the "Confirm and Import" button if that is all correct.
Note: files with over 500 barcodes may lock the page up temporarily while the import is finishing.  Please do not close the page or navigate away until the "Import Complete" message is shown.

8. Once your barcodes have been imported, you can view or remove unused barcodes by putting in /admin/plugs/barcodeManager to the end of your site URL in the address bar.


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