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Premiere: How to Set Up E-Tickets for Your Events and Tickets

Attaching e-tickets to your tickets will allow customers to receive a scannable e-ticket with their receipt. Before attaching e-tickets to your events or tickets, the shipping method will first need to be created.

Please see the article here for how to create shipping methods.

1. Login to the admin page of your TicketSocket site

2. On the left menu, click Events > Events

3. Click the desired event from the event list

4. Click the Shipping tab on the edit event page

5. Click the "Select Shipping Options" field and select "E-Ticket" or whatever name was used when the shipping method was created.

6. Check the box for every ticket type you would like to add e-tickets to.

7. Click the "Add Shipping Options(s)" button

8. You will then see the shipping method appear underneath the ticket type, this means it has been successfully added to those ticket types.

9. Click the "Save" button for the event

To remove shipping options, simply click the trash can icon and save the page again.


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