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Premiere: How to Add Google's Translate™ Widget to a Site

Google offers quite a handy tool for translating a site into another language for international customers. It is utilized in the form of a widget that can be attached to the header of a site with some generated code.

1. Click here to go to start setting up the widget

2. Click the "Add to your website now" button

3. Fill out the URL of the site you wish to use and its' original language

4. Click "Next"

5. You can choose from two options with language choices, either all of the languages Google Translate™ offers or you can select from those choices to customize the list

6. There are three different ways the widget can be displayed on the page, Vertically, Horizontally and in the form of a dropdown menu

7. There are also several advanced options to choose from for the widget

8. Click the "Get Code >>" button to get the code to input on the site

9. Copy the code Google provides

10. Log into the backend(/admin/plugs) of your site

11. Click on the ''Settings'' on the lefthand menu

12. Click on ''Appearance''

13. Click on the ''Site Template'' tab

14. Scroll down to the "Header Area" on the page

15. Paste the code in the "Custom HTML" box

16. Save


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