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Premiere: How to Set Up API Access

1. After logging in to the admin, Go to Settings -> General -> API

  • Here you can regenerate your secret to invalidate all public keys or issue any new public keys
  • These public keys will be used to generate JWT tokens to grant access to the API

2. Generate the JWT (example)

  • POST [YOUR_DOMAIN]/api/v1/docs
  • JWT are only valid for 24 hours

    Step 1:

        Step 2:

        Step 3:

        Step 4:

        Step 5:

        Step 6:

        Step 7:

        Step 8:

        Step 9:

3. Once the JWT is generated, each API must include the following header

  • Authorization: Bearer [JWT]
  • You may paste the jwt at the top of the docs to test


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