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Premiere: How to Add Additional Separate Ticket Fees to an Event

If you have certain events that may need additional fees added on to recoup costs for a venue, for instance, but you don't want to add the fees on to every event, you can add the fees on to tickets, here's how!

1. Login to the admin page of your TicketSocket site

2. Click on Events > Events

3. Click on your desired event in the Event List

4. Click on the "Ticket Type" tab in the event

5. Open up the desired ticket by either clicking it's name or the "Edit" button on the right

6. Click the "Advanced" sub-tab for the ticket

7. Make sure to turn on the fee you would like to setup

8. Add in the amount you would like to charge

9. Choose the type of fee it will be, either a percentage or flat rate

10. Give the fee a name, such as "Tax, Gratuity, Valet Parking, Parking, etc.

11. Click the "Save" button to save the changes


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