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Premiere: How to Add Round Up for Charity Feature

The Round Up for Charity option on checkout lets customers round up their order to the nearest dollar amount for charity and select a charity that has been added to the system

1. Login to the admin page of your TicketSocket site

2. Click on Settings > Checkout

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the Checkout page

4. Click on the Round Up for Charity slider

5. Once on, you'll have several options

6. You can choose that the round up defaults to "Yes" automatically

7. In the For Charity section, you can add in which charity you would like the round up to go to

click here on how to add in charities to the system

8. Add in a question for the charity round

i.e "Would you like to round up to the nearest dollar amount on your order for this charity?"

9. Click the Update Settings button and the update will be saved


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