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Premiere: Incomplete Orders/Abandoned Cart Conversion Tool

This tool helps you email customers who have abandoned their cart while checking out or didn't complete their orders. You can further incentivize them to finish checking out with a promo code to discount their order.

1. Log in to the admin page with the URL extension /admin/plugs

2. Click on the Settings menu on the lefthand side

3. Click on "Incomplete Orders" in the submenu

4. You can add a created promo code to help incentivize customers to finish checking out, which also helps with a higher conversion rate

Click here for how to create a promo code

5. Make sure to add an eye catching Email Subject

You can use the bracketed(e.g.[first_name]) terms to call to the customer information in the subject

6. Make sure to create a concise Email Body so the customer will finish checking out

7. Select a day for the email to go out on

Its highly recommended that the email only goes out once a week, typically during the middle of the week, such as Tuesday or Wednesday

8. Set the time for the email to be sent out, usually in the morning is good

Time is in Pacific Standard Time

9. Keep the Time Limit to 0, it will keep a fresh list

10. Make sure the Event Filter(s) is set to "Upcoming"

11. Make sure to click "Save" when finiished


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