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Premiere: Processing Refunds in

Once you've set an order to "Refunded" in the TicketSocket system, you will need to do the monetary refund in the merchant account so the customer receives their reimbursement. This article walks through how to process a refund for accounts.

1. Once you've set your order to refunded in the TicketSocket system by going through these steps, you will need to do the actual refund for the customer

2. Login to your account by going to

3. Click the "Search" link at the top of the page

4. On the Search page, you can first select whether or not you are searching for settled or unsettled transactions.  If an order was placed under 24 hours ago, it's likely that the transaction is unsettled.  In addition to this,  you can search by Payment Method, Credit Card #, Bank Account #, First Name, Last Name, Customer ID, Transaction Status, Transaction ID or Invoice # (the invoice number will be the same as the TicketSocket order number).  Once you've selected your parameters, click the "Search" button.

5. Click on the Trans ID for the order you'd like to refund

6. A page will pop up with the transaction details, on this page click the "Refund" button on the top left of the page

7. Another window will pop up and ask you to specify the amount you'd like to refund, the description, and customer email address.  Underneath these fields is a checkbox where you can decide whether or not to email that customer a copy of their refund receipt through

8. Click the "OK" button at the bottom of this window.

Once you've done that, the refund will usually take 3-10 days to process and show in the customers bank statements. If you would like to change the price paid by the customer in the TicketSocket system so that reports will reflect that partial refund, please see the instructions below:

1. Login to the admin page and click Orders > Find Orders on the left menu

2. Click the Actions Menu to the right of the order you'd like to change and select View/Edit

3. On the left side of the page, you will see all the ticket types in the order, click the tab(s) that you would like to change the price for

4. Change the "Price" and "Paid Upon Checkout" fields so that these match the price after the partial refund that was done through

5. Click the Save button


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