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Premiere: How to Print Boca Tickets

These are the steps will guide you through printing out thermal tickets with your Boca Printer through our system.

1. Login to the admin page of your TicketSocket site

2. To activate boca template go to Settings

3. Click on "Boca Tickets" 

4. Change the Stub Area to "Dynamic"

5. Add Company Name to the "Title" field

6. Add URL to the "Subtitle" field

7. Click Save

8. Create a new Ticket Type in the event for Print

i.e "Printed General Admission"

9. Add Face Value in the Price Field

10. Hide the Ticket Type in the front end

Click here to learn how to hide a ticket type on the front end

11. Go to the Box Office(Orders > Box Office)

12. Add the printed ticket type to your cart with the quantity you wish to print

13. Create or use an existing Comp Promo Code to ensure you are not billed for the tickets.

14. Place the Order

15. Go to Orders

16. Click on "Find Orders" 

17. Lookup the order you placed in the Box office

18. Click on the Action/Wrench Icon next to the Purchaser bar, the dark grey bar for the order

19. Click on the "Print Boca Ticket(s)" option from the Action Icon dropdown

20. Your tickets will then start printing!


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