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Premiere: Dimension Guide for Uploading Images

This guide will cover the dimensions needed for images uploaded on to your ticketing page.

All images uploaded to your ticketing page must be under 500kb in file size so it doesn't put too much undo stress on our servers and so that site flow is optimal

The default width of the site's Header/Footer area is 957 pixels, but that can be adjusted under Settings > Site > Appearance >Site Template > Editing the Site Width field at the top

For Header/Footer Height, its best to keep the max height at 250 pixels, so on mobile, they don't push the ticketing system down past where the customers can't see it

Example dimensions for the header/footer: 957 x 85, 957 x 100, 957 x 150, 957 x 200, 957 x 250

The Header/Footer images can be saved out as a .png with a transparent or filled background or as a .jpg. Saving the Footer as a .png with a transparent background/the background layer turned off in Photoshop, is preferred so as not to block the Policy links at the bottom of the page

The dimensions for the background image are 2,200 x 1,400 pixels, this will cover the computer screen in almost every instance. Make sure that the image uploaded to the Background of the site is well under 500kb in file size, especially if you are anticipating higher traffic for sales. Gifs and Videos do not work with the background, .jpgs are the best file types to use for the Background image so they can be websized and compressed into smaller file sizes

Receipt Image
The Receipt Image can be found under Settings > Receipts & Shipping > Receipts > Click on the Upload Company Logo button in the Upload Company Logo field at the top of the Receipt page. The dimensions for the receipt image are 350 x 75 pixels, its typically just a smaller version of your company logo that will show at the top left of the customer's receipt


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