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Premiere: Processing refunds through Digitzs, Square and Stripe

Note: All other payment gateways must be refunded through their respective dashboards.

If you are using Digitzs, Square or Stripe for your payment processing, you are able to process full and partial refunds directly through the Order Manager of your TicketSocket admin page.  Please see the steps below on how these refunds can be processed.

1. Login to the admin of your page

2. Select Orders > Find Orders from the left menu

3. On the Order Manger, you can search or filter for any specific orders

4. Once you have your search/filters set, click the "Action" menu to the right of the page for an order and select "Refund Order."

5. Once you click "Refund Order" you will be brought to a new page.

6. On this new page, you can either click the "Full Refund button at the top left of the screen, or click the lock icon to unlock that line item's "Refund" field and enter in a partial amount manually.

7a. If "Full Refund" was selected, all line items will be unlocked, and their full price will be entered in for refund automatically.

7b. If you are doing a partial refund, simply enter in the amount for that line item you'd like to refund.

8. Check or Uncheck the box for "Cancel."  Cancelling a line item will make a ticket invalid for scanning, or in the case of addons/fees, remove the price and selection from the order.

9. (OPTIONAL) Enter in an internal note which will only be seen by admins on the "Edit Order" screen from the Order Manager.

10. Check or Uncheck the box to email the participant.  If checked, this will email the the contents of the "Email Body" along with a refund receipt detailing the amounts refunded to the customer's email address they used to place the order.  If not checked, the customer will not be notified automatically through the system.

11. Click the "Process Refund" button


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