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Premiere: How to integrate your BlueJeans account with TicketSocket

Integrating your BlueJeans account with your TicketSocket account will allow you to automatically send out an email to attendees with instructions and a link to the BlueJeans event itself.  This integration also sends over the attendee information directly to BlueJeans without any manual input.  Please see the steps below to get started!

1. Log in to your BlueJeans account and click the "Events" menu item at the top of the page.

2. Select the event you'd like to integrate with your TicketSocket event by clicking the event name

3. Click the "Manage Registrations" link, as shown below

4. Select the "SETTINGS" tab, as shown below

5. Switch the toggle from "BlueJeans Registration" to "API" as shown below
6. Click the "Save Changes" button on the bottom of this page in your BlueJeans account

7. Open a new tab in your browser and go to your TicketSocket Event Manager

8. Select the event you would like to integrate with BlueJeans and scroll to the bottom of the "General" tab.  Copy the "Event Id" from BlueJeans into the "BlueJeans ID" field, and the "Registration API Key" into the "Registration API Key" field.  These are shown in Step 5.  Please see the image below for where these will go in your TicketSocket event.

9. Click the "Save" button in your TicketSocket event.

Once you have finished these steps, any registrations through TicketSocket for this event will be automatically sent over to BlueJeans, and the customer will receive an email with BlueJeans instructions.


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