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Premiere: Infusionsoft Ticketsocket Integration

Our integration with Infusionsoft allows you to pull information from your customers' orders directly into the Infusionsoft platform. Please see the steps below!

  • Login to the admin page of your Ticketsocket site
  • Click on "Settings"
  • Click on "Integrations"
  • Click on "Infusionsoft"
  • Toggle "Enable Infusionsoft"
  • Copy your "Infusionsoft API Key" from your Infusionsoft account
  • Input corresponding key into the "Infusionsoft API Key" field on the Ticketsocket admin page
  • Create/copy an "Event Type Tag" from your Infusionsoft account 
  • Input corresponding "Event Type Tag" on your Ticketsocket admin page
  • Fill in "Infusionsoft Appname" "Running Total Field" and "Purchaser Contact Field" if needed
    • A custom field has to be setup in Infusionsoft for these three options, then copied into the appropriate Ticketsocket admin field to work
    • Purchaser Contact Field - This setting sends over information in the form of True/False. "True" indicates that this e-mail address was the purchaser. "False" would indicate an additional attendee that was not the purchaser. Creates an account for each e-mail address in the order to track for future reference.
    • Running Total Field - This setting tracks how much a customer has spent in total. Does not account for refunds or transfers. Recent orders may not instantly calculate for this field.
  • Save changes


"Event Type Tag" does not need to be input in every event, every event will send customer information to your Infusionsoft account with the designated "Event Type Tag" set in Ticketsocket's admin page integrations. You can add additional tags (for tracking specific events) 

Adding additional tags to specific events:

  • Click on "Events" to open your Events Manager
  • Click on "Edit" for the event that you want to integrate with Infusionsoft with a specific ID tag
  • In "General" tab scroll down to "Meta"
  • Enter your custom ID tag into the "External ID" field (must be numbers)
    • Separate tags with "|" as seen in image below
  • Save changes



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