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Premiere: Integrate a Premiere Event with Sched

Sched Event Creation and Enabling Sched Integration in Premiere

Enable Sched Integration within the Premiere settings:
> Select Settings
> Select Integrations from the drop-down
> Select Sched Integration
> Set Enable Sched Integration to On and save the setting

Create a Sched account and event:
Reach out to sched to have their developers turn on ticket creation and upgrade the account to allow API access. More help creating and configuring a Sched event can be found here.

Connecting Premiere Ticket Types to Sched Tickets

Create tickets within Sched:
To find the tickets interface in Sched:
> Select Settings
> Select Tickets
> Add tickets within Sched by selecting the + on the tickets interface and configure them accordingly
Note: reach out to Sched if this choice is not available.

Copy the Premiere ticket keys into Sched:
> Select Events within Premiere
> Select the twin event
> This will open the Edit Event menu
> Select Ticket Types
> Selecting Edit on the far right will open the Edit Ticket menu
> Within this edit menu the Ticket Key can be found to the right of the ticket name
> Copy the premiere ticket key into the ticket key field in Sched for each ticket type

Connecting a Sched Event and the Sched API to Premiere:

Access the API key within Sched:
> Select the cloud/export button within the Speakers, Sponsors, Schedule, or Attendees tab
> This will bring up the export/API menu.
> Select the API tab
> Copy the read/write API key.

Paste the Sched API key into your Premiere event:
> Select the twin event in Premiere and select Sched Information
> Paste the read/write API key where premiere asks for Sched Event API Key
> Paste your Sched event’s URL Key where premiere asks for Sched Event Name
Note: if your Sched event URL is than the URL Key will be 123testevent


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