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Premiere: Setting up Multi-Site Exports

Setting up multi-site exports will allow you to download a single export profile across multiple sites.

> First off, you'll want to go to Settings > Site > Linked Sites and click the "Add New" button, which will open up a new page.

> On this new page, the Site URL should be the domain you are linking up, without http/https, such as “"

> The Login and Password are the super admin username and password that you usually use to log in. Please note that you will want to make sure your super administrator logins are the same across all sites you are linking.

> For the API Slug and Key, you’ll need to get these from the site you’re linking up on the Settings > General > API page by hitting the “Generate New Key” button and using the "Slug" and "Key" fields. 

> You will also want to make sure that your export profiles have the exact same columns in the same order, that way the multi-site export will all be uniform.

> Once you have your sites linked up, you can go to the Export Templates > Download Data page and click the "Multi Site Download" tab, as shown here. On this page, select an export profile to use from each of the linked sites, along with a date/time range.

> Lastly, when you have everything selected, click the "Generate Export" button at the bottom and you will be shown a progress bar. Once the progress bar is completed, click the "Download" button to save your export!


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