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Premiere: Emailing Your Customers via Connect Messager

Connect Messager is a feature that allows to you send emails to your customers – to give updates, to inform them of any changes, for reschedules, etc. Navigate to your Ticketsocket admin to use this feature!

Achieve this by selecting People > Connect Messenger, then using the "Email" option. Once you've clicked the "Email" option, you will want to set the following:

  • Send Emails To - Here you'll select who you are emailing – for instance, selecting "Purchasers" will email the purchaser email used.
  • Connect Job Name - This is the internal name of the job. You can leave this as default as the name won't show to any customers.
  • Select an Event - You will need to select an event and emails will be sent to that event's purchasers. After selecting an event, the number of recipients will populate based one the number of purchaser – this is the number of people you will be emailing.
  • Ticket Type(s) - You can filter your list of recipients by selecting ticket type(s) for that event. Only purchasers with one of these ticket type(s) will receive an email. You can leave this blank if you want to send emails to all ticket type holders in the event.
  • Email Subject - This will set the email subject line. You can enter whatever you'd like here!
  • Message Body - The body of the email will go here and may contain whatever text you'd like.

Once you've got everything filled out, click the Submit at the bottom of the page and you'll be taken to the Job Details for that email job. This page will show you a list of recipients along with the other details for the email(s).

Once you have confirmed the details, you can click Run Job Now. The status bar will begin to move towards completion as the emails are sent out and until they are finished.


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