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Premiere: How to Sign In to Our Web-based Scanning App for Premiere

Our new versatile web-based scanning application is taking the place of our mobile app and we couldn't be more excited to share its functionality, Getting started is easy:
1. Navigate to (or click the link)


2. Check in with your site URL (please include the full URL including https:// in the Api URL field) as well as your Premiere logins (scanner level logins will work as well for folks scanning during the event).

3. Your event list will populate in descending chronological order. If you have an event today, the event will be under TODAY at the top of the page.

4. Select the event you want to scan for. The app will ask you if you want to search for an attendee, scan via camera, or scan via laser scanner – select whichever applies. If you want to search for someone who doesn't have their tickets handy select View / Search Attendees. If your using a smart smart device with a front facing camera select Begin Camera Scanning. If you're using a handheld laser scanner that one of our team members suggested or supplied select Begin Laser Scanning.


5 Scan your tickets as they're presented. You will see that the scan is successful via the Success! text under the ticketholder's name.



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