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Premiere: Square Terminal Connection For Box Office Orders

Configuring your Square Terminal for sales in the box office is a great way to efficiently offer
sales at your event.

After initially unboxing and powering on your terminal, you will be brought to a screen with the
options to Create Account”, “Sign In”, and “Change Settings”. The first steps to pair your
device will only need to be done once!

1. Select Sign Inon your Square Terminal and press “Use a device code”.

2. Under the administrator side of your TicketSocket site, choose “Orders” on the left hand
menu, and press “Quick Sale”.

3. Press Quick Order and Select Event in the top right corner. From there, select your
desired event.

4. Add a ticket to the cart, select Credit Sale in the top right corner, and press Generate
Device Code”. You will copy this code into your Square Terminal Sign in with Device Code
tab. SelectSign inon your terminal.

5. Finally, Press Complete Device Link on the Administrator side of your TicketSocket site.
You will see “You are linked with device” on that popup.

Now that you have successfully paired your devices together, you are ready to process your first

1. You will be able to add or remove tickets from the cart on the administrator side of your site.
Select Process card & Complete Order. Your Square Terminal will prompt you to accept a
payment with the terminal. The total amount owed will also show on the terminal.

2. Wait for the credit card to process, the administrator side will show a new popup once the
card has been processed to send a receipt to the customer. Select your desired receipt method
and send it to the customer. This will send their tickets to their desired device.

Nice work! you will now be able to repeat these final 2 steps for the duration of your event. Here
are a few things to remember.

To cancel a transaction before a card is processed, you can close the payment modal on the
TicketSocket side, and hit the back button in the top left corner of the Square Terminal.

After the Square terminal is initially synced, you will NOT have to re-generate a device
unless the square device disconnects.

If you are stuck on the "Powered by Square" screen, swipe from left to right on the
square terminal. Select settings > Account > and Sign Out of the account.

Square Terminal Connection For Box Office Orders

If you were logged to a different account previously, you must sign out of that account
(Steps listed above) and re-connect your Square Terminal to the Quicksale Tab.


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